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The Wind Blows at Knock Shrine

Glenn Heasley

What a day Go Fly Your Kite have had at Knock Shrine today as part of their Family Day.

If you've stayed put here over the Summer months you will know there has been distinct lack of sunshine and a substantial amount of rain!  When we travelled to Knock the previous day we were delighted when we just had storm Betty to contend with blowing us all over the road all the way down. 

Knock is a truly fascinating place.  A place of common purpose for all who make the pilgrimage to engage in their faith whatever the weather.  We made our way to our marquee (bigger than last year - thank you Mairead! ) and set up the night before, our manic kite workshop would kick off on Sunday at 11am.  

Fresh faced five eager Hub Volunteers appeared all young people age ranging from 16-17 years of age.  One familiar face Ben who was eager to take on the 'marathon challenge' that would behold him again 12 months later. 


Families began to descend on our wind swept  marquee, team briefed .. then the fun began.  I said to the young volunteers the next 3 hours would go in a flash and by the end of the 3 hour extravaganza they looked shell shocked of what had just happened but they should all feel very proud of themselves the help, patience and success they made to the kite workshop that took place today WELL DONE and best of luck in your future endeavours. 

We calculated we had in the region of 1000 individuals pass through our marquee door today. Not a bad days work for us all. 

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