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The Questions People Just Love to Ask

The Questions People Just Love to Ask

Glenn Heasley

We've put together some Q&A's together of what people ask us which may give you a bit of insight into Go Fly Your Kite.  Email us if you have any questions. We love hearing from people.  Get in touch! 


How did Go Fly Your Kite happen?

Go Fly Your Kite was created with an idea by our then 4-year-old son.  He was bought a kite in a shop when he came out said ‘Wouldn’t it be great Dad if I could put my own design on this kite instead of what is on this kite?”  That’s how it happened a simple idea and we haven’t looked back.




What age are the workshops aimed at?

 Our workshops aimed from 4 years upwards to adults.


What are the different types of workshops you provide?

 Art, STEM, Literacy, Cultural, Good Relations, Corporate, Alzheimer’s/dementia kite workshops.  As the kite is blank, we can theme any workshop. Twenty-five minutes learning and 30 minutes tracing, colouring, building and flying kites.

How many participants of workshops do you have in a year?

 We have over 25,000 workshop participants a year each having designed their own kite.

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 What would be your most memorable workshop in the last 12 months.

May 2023. We were the only Irish Commission out of 700 submissions to be successful to deliver a project entitled Land and Sky, Home, and Dreams to school children in Liverpool & four war torn cities in Ukraine as part of Eurovision/Euro Festival in Liverpool 2023.  View BBC North West Tonight  


How well received are your kite workshops?

Our kite workshops resonate well, drawing on parents' childhood experiences. Family-centred they inspire creativity in children, offering a library of templates for personalised kites. Guided by encouragement, participants of all ages and abilities craft their designs, talking on a sense of shared magic as each kite takes flight. In a time when many children are isolated indoors, engrossed in video games, these workshops offer a chance to exercise, socialise, and enhance mental well-being.


How would you describe Go Fly Your Kite?

It’s good old-fashioned fun whether you are nine or ninety everyone can do it.  It ticks a lot of boxes, art, science, creativity, individuality, social interaction, constructing, using fine motor skills, teamwork, improves mental health and well-being. Gets everyone outdoors to destress and enjoy fresh air and exercise by running with your kite and watch it soar into the sky creating a sense of pride. 




What would be the most common response you get from participants?

 The first response is ... “This is a really good idea!” and secondly, “Do these kites really fly?” 


Do the kites really fly? 

Yes, they really do with over 25,000 kites designed every year we have to ensure they fly, or we would have a lot of very unhappy children and parents!


What’s the secret to making a kite fly?

 Keep your string short to start off then let the kite lift into the wind rather than having too much string to start off.  If there is no wind, short string length and run with the kite behind you looking where you are running.



Where would be your busiest area?

 Republic of Ireland is our busiest area that we work.

We run a lot of cross border workshops in Monaghan, Cavan and all other 26 counties across Ireland.  Our product and service are very well received.


  • Science Foundation Ireland – Science Kite Workshops
  • Working with most of the county councils
  • St Patricks Day Festivals, St Brigid, Inclusion & Integration Week (500 children across inner city Dublin took part in our workshops)



















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