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Glenn Heasley

Our art style workshops, particularly focused on kite design, can be organised as either timed sessions or drop-in activities. These workshops universally appeal to  all ages, and have proven to be very popular, whether run at your local youth club or during a more large scale public event.

Each session is organised to support a minimum of 20 participants, with no maximum upper number, depending on your budget and can be held in both indoor and outdoor venues. However, arranging for cover/shelter against the unpredictable weather is always a wise precaution.

At Go Fly Your Kite, we work closely with organisers to outline the necessities for a successful event, emphasising "design your own kite" activities. We will even create individual tracing templates if you have a special theme or topic for your event.  Ample time is allocated for setup, ensuring a smooth operation. At the venue, we safeguard all surfaces with durable table cloths and supply all required resources. Our services include providing themed graphics for "kite art," or offering a broad assortment of designs to accommodate every taste, integrating the essence of "design a kite" into each workshop. Here are just some of the venues for our "kite design" workshops which include:

Our workshops spark creativity and foster a deep appreciation for art in various contexts. From green field  parks to lively festivals, each session is custom-tailored, incorporating "design kite" activities that provide enriching experiences for all attendees. Our facilitators excel in making art accessible and enjoyable, urging participants of every age and skill level to "design your own kite." Check out the various kites in our shop.

Beyond the hands-on aspect of organising these events, we emphasise their educational value. Attendees are inspired to explore their creativity while gaining insights into different art styles, techniques, and the cultural stories behind them. This comprehensive approach not only refines the artistic talents of participants but also enhances their understanding of art as a vital means of expression and communication.

We are also committed to environmental sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into our workshops. 

In summary, our kite design workshops offer a unique mixture of entertainment, education, and creativity. Tailored to be accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages, they represent an ideal opportunity to delve into the realm of art in a supportive and stimulating setting. Whether planning an event for a youth club, school, or any other venue, Go Fly Your Kite is dedicated to providing a memorable artistic experience, underscored by the joy of kite art and the creative process of designing your own kite.