Children's BBC Blue Peter working with Go Fly Your Kite

Blue Peter collaborates with Go Fly Your Kite during Eurovision 2023

Mwaksy's involvement with Go Fly Your Kite as part of the Eurovision 2023 Euro Festival brought an exciting and educational dimension to the celebrations. By participating in the "Land and Sky, Home and Dreams" project, Mwaksy helped illuminate the creative and educational potentials of kite flying for primary school children in Merseyside. This project, supported by Go Fly Your Kite, emphasises not just the joy of kite flying but also its educational value, blending elements of art, science, and physical activity to foster creativity and learning among children.

The Eurovision 2023 event with Go Fly Your Kite appears to have been part of a broader effort to integrate educational and engaging activities into the cultural festivities, offering children a unique opportunity to learn and have fun simultaneously. While specific details of the event or activities that took place during Mwaksy's visit weren't directly available from the sources, it's clear that the initiative aimed to provide an enriching experience that combined entertainment, education, and the spirit of Eurovision. For more detailed insights into the event and Go Fly Your Kite's educational philosophy, visiting their official website might offer further information​.

Mwaksy's role as a BBC Blue Peter presenter likely added an element of surprise and delight for the children involved, highlighting the importance of engaging young minds in creative and educational endeavours. Her work, both on and off the screen, continues to inspire and educate, as seen in her various projects and appearances, including her memorable audition for the Blue Peter presenter role​.

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