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Science Technology Engineering  Art and Maths (STEAM) workshops are hosted in Primary Schools with key stage one and two pupils (UK) and third class upwards (Ireland).

Go Fly Your Kite uses proper material kites for all our workshops, flexible, robust fibre glass rods and handle with string.

Our STEM Kite Workshop are themed around Flight, Space or Engineering.

Flight -  What flies?  How do things fly? Gravity - simple experiments - making and flying your own paper aeroplane and outcomes. The pioneers of aviation video clip. 

Every child has a  take home kite they design, colour build and fly at the end of each workshop.  

All our kites fly with no wind by running or with wind independently from a stationery position. 

We have a minimum of 20 to run a workshop. 

Space – The Journey of Apollo 11

Engineering  - Group activities and investigations on how things are constructed.

During the workshops we discuss gravity and aerodynamics.  Everyone will design and construct their own kite themed using Flight Space or Engineering graphics