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This style of workshop whether live, blended or pre-recorded has become an outstanding success.  You simply choose the option that best suits you,  your class or youth group.

We courier your Kite Resource Box direct to you which takes just 24 hours.  The box will be with you at least a few weeks in advance of the workshop date, coinciding with this you will receive an email link to our pre workshop support video.

This is a short ‘step by step’ guide to sure your workshop runs smoothly and guaranteeing a fun and engaging, learning  experience.

This choice of workshop lasts around 35 minutes with a learning element and two practical experiments. We demonstrate how to design, construct and fly the kite.  In the classroom this will take around 30 minutes with this choice of workshop you can decide to complete the entire activity during one session or split it over a school day or days.

The week before you workshop you will receive a link to our support video.  This four minute video will guide you through the entire design and construction segment of your workshop.  We strongly advise to view this video clip well in advance and familiarise yourself with the simple procedure and how to best use the clip to suit the ability of your class.