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Glenn Heasley

 Go Fly Your Kite offers the quintessential activity for individuals of all ages, bridging the gap between youthful enthusiasm and the cherished nostalgia of the older generation. In the heart of every celebration, whether it's a casual gathering of friends or a grand festive event, our kite-flying escapades inject a burst of joy and creativity, uniting guests in laughter and design. Our specially tailored kite designs offer a unique touch for those celebrating significant milestones, be it a landmark birthday, an anniversary, or any momentous occasion. Moreover, this activity isn't confined to the younger crowd; groups of adults find themselves whisked away into the realms of good, old-fashioned fun, sharing laughs and creating memories through the simple pleasure of kite flying. Our workshops are more than just an activity; they are a conduit for shared experiences and joy.

At Go Fly Your Kite, we pride ourselves on the versatility and reach of our kite workshops. These workshops have become a fixture at various venues, offering a novel way to entertain children and adults alike during communal gatherings such as Sunday lunches at restaurants, birthday festivities, and even more personal celebrations like First Communions, Baptism parties, and hen weekends. Our presence means that hosts can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their guests are engaged in a light-hearted, enjoyable, and straightforward activity. The beauty of our workshops lies not just in the entertainment they provide but also in the convenience they offer. We arrive fully equipped, ensuring that the day's proceedings are seamless and hassle-free for the hosts. Once the fun concludes, we take care of everything, leaving no trace behind except for the smiles on your guests' faces.
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Moreover, each participant leaves with something far more valuable than just a pleasant memory; they depart with a bespoke, handcrafted kite—a memento of the day's joy and camaraderie. This unique takeaway serves as a tangible reminder of the shared laughter and creativity, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection among all involved.
Expanding our offerings, Go Fly Your Kite is committed to creating inclusive, engaging experiences that cater to everyone's tastes and preferences. Our design themes are as diverse as our clientele, ranging from traditional patterns to contemporary art, ensuring that every kite is as unique as its creator. Our workshops are not just about kite flying; they're a celebration of creativity, a nod to tradition, and a testament to the joy of shared experiences. By participating in our kite workshops, guests are not only entertained but are also part of a larger community of kite enthusiasts, united in the simple pleasure of watching a kite soar against the backdrop.