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The art of kite making and flying is a delightful activity that combines creativity, engineering, and outdoor fun. In this context, kite making kits, especially for birthday parties, offer a unique and engaging option for children aged 4 years and upwards.

We do the organising so you don't have to.  We provide all-inclusive kits that deliver not just an activity but an experience, right to your doorstep. We have thought of everything too. 

What Are Birthday Party Kite Boxes?

Birthday Party Kite Boxes are specially made kits designed to cater to the entertainment needs of a child’s birthday party. These boxes are thoughtfully assembled to ensure that every child at the party gets to enjoy the process of making, designing, and flying their kites. They come with everything needed for the activity, ensuring a "no mess, no fuss" experience for parents and a memorable time for children.

What's Included in the Box?

  • 5 Blank Kites: A perfect starting point for creativity, allowing each child to have their canvas flying in the sky.
  • 5 Birthday Party Themed Graphics: These graphics serve as guides that children can trace onto their kites, ensuring that the kites are not just fun to fly but also eye-catching. They can use these templates or do they own freestyle masterpieces. It's all about creative fun and exercise.
  • Permanent Markers: To ensure that the designs stay vibrant and unaffected by the weather, including the rainy days.
  • Table Cloths: To keep the work area clean and organized during the kite-making process.
  • Instructional Video: Our video guides the children through each step of the process, from tracing and colouring to constructing and flying their kites, making it an easy and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Custom-Designed Birthday Surprise Kite: With meticulous design by Go Fly Your Kite, this kite is a standout surprise, lovingly wrapped for the birthday child, making their day even more remarkable. This exclusive design is a reflection of our dedication to celebrating your child’s birthday with a personal touch, recognising the emotional connection and the joy it can bring. It’s our way of contributing to a birthday celebration that’s as unique and special as your child.

Why Choose a Kite Making Kit for Your Child’s Birthday Party?

Choosing a kite making kit for your child’s birthday party offers several benefits:

  • Creativity and Engagement: It encourages children to engage in a creative activity, boosting their imagination and artistic skills.
  • Outdoor Fun: Kite flying is an outdoor activity, encouraging children to spend time outside and be active.
  • Educational: Children learn about aerodynamics, design, and the physics of flying a kite in a fun and interactive way.
  • Inclusivity: The activity is designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities, ensuring every child can participate and enjoy the experience.

            An accessible activity and enjoyable for all ages of children and abilities.