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St. Brigid's Day and Kite Workshops Celebration

St. Brigid's Day, celebrated on Thursday, 1st February 2024, is not only a significant cultural event but also an official Bank Holiday in Ireland, observed on Monday, 5th February. Over the past three weeks, we've conducted kite workshops across Ireland, engaging almost 800 children in locations such as Tipperary, Dublin, Kildare, and Louth. This marks the second year of our St. Brigid's kite workshops, where we explored her life and legacy, commemorating her 1500th anniversary.

Who was Saint Brigid?

Born in Faughart County Louth in 425 AD, St. Brigid's story begins with a Pagan father and a Christian mother.

Why was Saint Brigid Special?

St. Brigid, a healer and benefactor, became the Patron Saint of various aspects, including fertility, dairy, cattle, blacksmithing, poetry, and more.

St. Brigid and her mother endured slavery from the age of four, toiling in the fields. At 15, she ventured to West Meath to study ministry, seeking land from Chieftains to build a church. After two refusals, Brigid's persistence, demonstrated with her tiny cloak, astounded a Pagan king. The cloak miraculously covered vast lands, including the Curragh of Kildare, leading to the establishment of her first church. Impressed by her Christian beliefs and tenacity, the king granted her the land and his soldiers' assistance in building the monastery.

Image: Kildare Cathedral and Round Tower as it stands today

Lessons from the St. Brigid Workshops

In the 4th century, kindness played a pivotal role in Brigid's life. Her practice of taking from the rich and giving to the poor has left a lasting legacy. Symbolic items like Brigid's Cross endure worldwide, along with legends such as Brigid's cloak and Brat Bhride healing and sickness traditions that persist to this day. St. Brigid collaborated closely with St. Patrick, mutually learning theological teachings and providing support to each other.

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