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Introducing our innovative STEM Kite Kits, designed to merge education with the sheer joy of outdoor play across the UK and Ireland. Our unique Kite Boxes are more than just kite making kits; they are a gateway to a world where imagination takes flight, literally. With our comprehensive package, children are not just creating kites; they're embarking on an educational journey that covers the fundamentals of aerodynamics, gravity, and the history of aviation through a meticulously crafted STEM workshop.

Our STEM Kite Kit is a treasure trove that includes everything needed to design, build, and fly a kite. Each kit contains 3 blank white kites with vibrant coloured trims, waiting to be transformed by young artists using the 10 permanent markers provided. The creativity doesn't end there; the kit also includes 3 STEM graphics to enhance the learning experience, making each kite a flying canvas of knowledge.

But what truly sets our Kite Boxes apart is the 26-minute pre-recorded workshop that accompanies each kit. This engaging session delves into questions like "What Flies?" and "How do things fly?" offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiments. Children will learn about gravity and aerodynamics in an accessible way, culminating in the hands-on activity of making and flying their own paper airplane. Additionally, the kit features a short video clip introducing the pioneers of aviation, inspiring the next generation of little Einsteins.

Safety is paramount, which is why our kit includes hints and tips on flying kites safely. The rods and kite handles provided ensure a sturdy and reliable flying experience, while the included STEM lesson plan offers parents and teachers a structured way to guide the learning process.

Go Fly Your Kite takes pride in offering this unique educational tool that doubles as a fun, artistic outdoor activity. Our Kite Making Kits are not just about building kites; they're about nurturing curiosity, enhancing STEM education, and creating memorable experiences under the open sky. Whether you're in the UK or Ireland, our Kite Box Making kits are your ticket to adventure, learning, and artistic expression. Design your kite, imbue it with art, and let it soar high, symbolizing the boundless potential of young minds ready to explore the science of flight.