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Mary Poppins Literacy Workshops

Mary Poppins Literacy Workshops

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Mary Poppins Literacy Workshop

Lets Go Fly A Kite

The Mary Poppins Literacy Workshop is a captivating adventure for children aged 4 and upwards, blending elements of fun, creativity, storytelling, and singing into a comprehensive 60-minute session. Central to this enriching experience is the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves fully in the world of Mary Poppins through a unique kite workshop, which stands out for its imaginative and educational approach.

Participants are warmly invited to dive into the magic of the session with the well-loved Mary Poppins song "Let's Go Fly a Kite," (if you don't know it click here to practice before you come to the workshop) preparing them for the journey of kite flying that lies ahead. This engaging start paves the way for an exploration of the first Mary Poppins film, starring Julie Andrews, where children are introduced to the story through short video clips and captivating storytelling. This interactive segment not only celebrates the film but also encourages a deeper connection with the original book, enriching the children's understanding and appreciation of the story.

An exciting addition to the workshop is the option for fancy dress—participants are encouraged to attend dressed as their favorite characters from Mary Poppins, whether it be Mary Poppins herself, Bert the Chimney Sweep, Uncle Albert, or any other beloved character. This optional dress-up element adds an extra layer of immersion and fun, allowing children to step into the shoes of the characters they’ve come to admire.

The workshop also delves into the life and work of P.L. Travers, the author behind the Mary Poppins books. This segment examines her global success and her relationship with A.E. Russell from County Armagh, whose influence on Travers is evident in the descriptive imagery found in her writing, such as the iconic chimney tops inspired by Brownlow House. This exploration into Travers' life seamlessly incorporates elements of kite art, linking back to the broader theme of creativity and storytelling.


penguin from Mary Poppins

Moreover, the session includes a discussion on Walt Disney's effort to adapt Travers' book for the big screen, offering insights into the creative challenges and triumphs of this endeavor. This 25-minute narrative enriches the kite workshop's content, demonstrating the intersection of literature, film, and creative expression.

The workshop's second half is a hands session focused on designing, colouring, and building kites. This practical activity encourages artistic expression through kite art. It’s an engaging way for children to learn about the story of Mary Poppins on a personal level.

It's not merely a journey through literature and cinema but an immersive educational experience that blends storytelling magic with the excitement, creativity and learning, all while inviting children to experience the joy of stepping into their favorite characters’ roles. This workshop promises an unforgettable experience that inspires and delights, fostering a love for imagination and hands-on learning among its young participants.

girl standing in library with Mary Poppins green trimmed kite