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As Common As Muck at this years Ploughing Championships

As Common As Muck at this years Ploughing Championships

Glenn Heasley

Mud, mud, glorious mud, Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.So follow me, follow, down to the hollow And there let us wallow in glorious mud. Thats exactly what we did at Ratheniska for the three days of the Ploughing Championships. Everywhere you turned there was mud. This didn't stop us having a great time outreaching to over 60,000 potential customers each day.   We were really well received by all those who passed by our stand.  It was great to be indoors and when the weather took a nasty turn the Pavillion filled up to maximum capacity.


muck and tractors Ploughing Championships

 During one nasty downpour (wellies always the order of the day no matter where you went) there was a commotion we looked down the Pavilion and who should we see but President Michael D Higgins. What he lacks in height he makes up in enthusiasm, intellect and charisma.  He certainly is a crowd pleaser making time to stop and chat with anyone about any situation. As he and Mrs Higgins 'pressed the flesh' they made their way to the exit.  I had been making my way to the front door to take a stroll round the show and Michael D made his way with entourage in tow to the door just  in front of me only to comment the muddy ground beneath him was 'ridiculous' there was not a truer word spoken by such a mighty universally respected individual. 

 The Show Must Go On ... and it did with the sun shining on our final day.  A great experience.  

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