Designed by children, for children


We deliver kite design workshops all over the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Our ethos is fun through learning and building confidence and artistic skills.

Our workshops are keenly priced to reach out to all communities to bring Science Technology Engineering and Maths to all children through schools or our art based kite design workshops. Our workshops can help to enhance self esteem and self confidence.

Our business focuses on 4 areas: 1. STEM Workshops, 2. Art Workshops, 3. Corporate Workshops, 4. Build Your Own Workshops.


Find out all about the science and technology of flight during this 90 minute workshop. Learn about things that fly, how they fly and try some experiments, aerodynamics and gravity. Finishing with everyone designing their own kite and learning how to fly it.

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Enjoy a 60 minute workshop where you can design your own kite using graphics which are traced onto the kite. Alternatively use your own artistic flair to design a colourful and creative kite.

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Theme your workshop with your brand, use it as a CSR project or add a bit of old-fashioned fun to your internal training or team-building exercises.

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Adults of all abilities and interests can benefit from a variety of workshop themes that act as therapy, fun or something new to do. Working with groups of people that have learning difficulties, suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s or stroke rehabilitation patients as well as mental health focus groups has added value to their treatment.

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Go Fly Your Kite is always a welcome addition to your celebration or special occasion. Whether a birthday, hen party, First Communion or something else, we’re ready to bring the fun along!

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Engineers Week 2019

Watch this space for brand new Go Fly Your Kite workshops for 2019 during Engineers Week

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Space Week workshops 2019

Brand new space workshops for 2019. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing.

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