Space Week workshops 2020

Designed by children, for children

ABOUT THE Space Week workshops 2020

We look at space travel and the Lunar landing in July 1969 and look at science, flight and luck that made the expedition the success that it was. The Apollo 11 mission and the Saturn 5 spacecraft that changed space travel forever to the moon. Video clips are shown of the mission and we discuss why aeronautics were so important to the success of this mission.



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Space STEM kite workshops 

  • The history of space travel
  • What you dont know about the loner moon landing of Apollo 11
  • Gravity – what is it?
  • Gravity experiments
  • Who was the first person to land on the moon?
  • Space facts
  • Space craft video clips
  • Choosing a themed template and tracing the image onto your blank material diamond kite and colouring it with vibrant eye catching colours.
  • Designing your own kite that can be taken home.
  • Constructing the kite as part of engineering and the importance of the kite being aerodynamic to fly high.
  • Flying the kite at the end of the workshop.

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