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Have you ever wondered how to make a kite for kids but without the fuss, mess and glue?

All children, if only once,  should experience how to make a kite.  Every parent should set aside time with their children and find recyclable articles around that home that can be used to lift a kite high into the sky creating a lasting memory forever.

There is no better time than now for keeping children busy and parents engaging with children during current world wide COVID19 lockdown restrictions.  Flying a kite is the perfect social distance activity providing a feel good feeling of wellbeing and being at one with nature.

A priceless activity with many benefits.  To make a kite for kids we used a Tesco recycled shopping bag (other shopping bags are available!), 2 meat skewers sticks, reinforced sticky tape, string and colourful stickers to decorate your kite.

We used a template which you can download and print off below. Watch our video here if you have a creative flare that you want to unleash right now!


Perhaps you’re not  a parent from the Blue Peter generation and you hate mess and following instructions we have the perfect solution.

Go Fly Your Kite can guarantee when you make a kite for kids it is hassle free with our pre made material blank diamond kite boxes that you can trace, colour, build and fly without the need for household items to make your kite.

Our kite boxes include kites, permanent markers, traceable pictures, rods and handles ready to be created and they fly even without wind. Click here and we will do all the work, no mess to glue just trace, build and fly!

Check out our videos over on our YouTube Channel