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Covid 19 Policy safe virtual or in person kite workshops in Northern or Southern Ireland, Great Britain, Europe or anywhere.  Children tracing colouring, constructing and flying their kites STEM or Art Workshops!

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Covid 19 Policy from Go Fly Your Kite



Since the arrival of Covid 19 to our island over one year ago  it has changed our fabric of society with a huge increase of concerns including isolation to whereby our houses have turned into sanctuaries, home offices, places of worship, a school, a playground, cinema, a playground, bakery and open all hours restaurants.   It’s also a place where children have been kept indoors bored, scared and insecure.  Children need to be children and Go Fly Your Kite has developed a special kite box with 3 kites, graphics, permanent pens with a STEAM lesson plan for parents and children.


Design your kite, construct it and fly the kite still maintaining a good social distance in your garden.  It’s great for well being, stress, creativity and art skills. Adults can do this as well as children with more challenging designs to trace on the kite. Click here for information.


Go Fly Your Kite will be delivering virtual STEM kite workshops to all who purchase a kite box, giving a fun filled 60 minute workshop of what flies?  How do things fly? Gravity, Lift, Drag, Air & force. Simple experiments and how to construct your kite.  They will also tell you how to keep safe while flying your kite and maintaining social distance in your garden.


“Dad wouldn’t it be great if I could draw on this kite”?  That’s what my  then 5 year old son said to me when I  bought him a kite in a shop 5 years ago!  He then set up a business called Go Fly Your Kite focusing on initially birthday parties then expanding into corporate workshops and special themed fun days.  We introduced a science element of   Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics (STEAM) workshops.  Go Fly Your Kite now makes contact with over 25,000 participants a year.  Our ethos is having fun through learning.  Kites designed by children for children.


Many children have never owned or flown a kite in this era of technology.  When Go Fly Your Kite was set up the interest has excelled all heights of expectation from 4 – 94 years of age have flown their kites.  The workshops focus on primary education children all over Ireland from Coleraine to Cork! We also run adult kite workshops focusing on well being, Alzheimer and dementia groups. The workshop involves tracing an image onto the kite with waterproof ink, colouring, constructing the kite and flying the kite at the end of the workshop.


What lies in front of us is unknown it is difficult for anyone to predict what will happen or when this crisis will end. It is really important at this time that we all as a nation stick together. I want to personally thank all our customers who have emailed, texted and phoned to give us support and reassurance.  What we do know is that we will be coming back bigger and better when things start to normalize.


Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the coming weeks and months.



Thank you!

Glenn Heasley

Director, Go Fly Your Kite